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Packing Checklist That Will Save You Time and Nerves

April 10, 2020

This amazing packing checklist has saved me a lot of time and nerves, and I hope it will save you some too.

Packing has always been a nightmare for me. Either I want to bring my whole closet on a trip, or I forget something. Now you can say if I have something forgotten, it is not so important. This is generally true, but when you get to your destination, and you see that your favorite shirt or your toothbrush isn’t there, or you can’t find your charger and then you realized: “Oh I know exactly where it is, on my bed 2000 kilometers away”, it can be frustrating. And frustrating is not something you want to associate with your relaxing vacation.

Of course, you can easily buy a new toothbrush or charger. Still, I’ve always hated that feeling when you know you forget something and you just can’t remember what until it’s too late.

I used to check every room in the house, trying to remember what I needed from that room. However, halfway to my destination, I’ve realized my hair straightener is still in the bathroom. Buying a new toothbrush is one thing, but buying a new hair straightener every time can be an expensive mistake.

Then I’ve found another way, I tried to focus on my daily routine and pack the things that I use every day. The result was the same, I’ve always forgotten something.

So with time, I’ve come up with a new solution. Packing checklist where I can put ☑️ when I pack my hair straightener in a suitcase. It sounds a little nerdy, but it helps and I like it. I consider it one of the most important tips when it comes to packing.

Packing Checklist that will save you time and nerves

I’ve divided my list into a few categories:

  • Things that must always be with me in my purse/backpack
  • Electronics
  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Health
  • Hygiene
  • Beauty
  • To-do list

Things that must always be with me in my purse/backpack

In this category, you can find the most important stuff for the trip. Items such as ID card, passport, wallet, cash, credit cards and travel documents.

But there are a lot of things that you may need on the way to your destination. You must consider that things can sometimes go wrong and I like to be prepared.

In my purse or backpack, I always have a water bottle and some snacks, as well as necessary hygiene supplies. There is always enough space for some items that can make my trip more comfortable and fun.

If the journey takes longer or if you are traveling at night, it is good to have a neck pillow, eye mask and earplugs with you.

You know for sure that feeling when you are tired, and you just want to catch a few hours of sleep on a plane, but because of the people talking in the seat in front or behind you, it is a mission impossible. That can be really frustrating, and I’m not one of those people who will ask other people to stop talking. So, in situations like these, earplugs are my best friend.


Most airlines company recommend packing all your electronic devices, including chargers, into your carry-on bag. Depending on trip purpose, here you should consider what is from your electronic devices essential for your trip.

There are a lot of gadgets today that make our life easier and more enjoyable. But unless you are on a business trip, carrying your laptop, tablet and your smartphone may be too much. It will definitely save you some space in your carry-on bag if you choose to left some of this home 😉


“You can never know,” my favorite sentence when I’m packing my clothes. I want to take it all. Big mistake!

Pack one outfit for every day and some nice clothes if you’re planning to go out. Always bring something like the “little black dress” – an outfit perfect for every situation.

Always take a jacket or cardigan with you and be sure to pack your clothes according to the weather forecast. The biggest mistake that you can make is to underestimate the weather. Fortunately, today it is possible to see the weather forecast weeks in advance, so why not use it?!

Don’t forget to include shoes when you are planning your outfits, you don’t want to bring ten pairs of shoes with you.


Jewelry, belts, hats, purses… don’t take all. Think about the outfits and bring only the accessories you need. Try to bring accessories that go with a lot of outfits, so you can combine the same accessories with different outfits.


It is always good to have some medications with you. Well, here you can really never know 😉 Better safe than sorry!

Some vitamins or allergy medicine can come in handy, and mosquito repellent can save your life. You don’t want to be cranky all day just because an annoying mosquito kept you awake all night.

Hygiene and beauty

Personal items belong to this category, and it can vary from person to person. I will mention the basic things that are on my list, and you can always add other items that you need.

This list goes from a toothbrush to nail scissors, everything that you REALLY need on your trip. So with that being said, you don’t need ten bottles of perfumes, one perfume for the day and one more intense for the night out is enough.

To-do list

This is a list of things you have to do before going on vacation. From taking out the garbage to turning off your oven.

You sure don’t want to come to the airport and then turn back home while your passport had expired. The frequent occurrence of an annoying “I know I’ve forgotten something to do, but just don’t know what” is the past with this packing list.

You may have noticed how often I have said annoying or frustrating in this post, and you may think well she is a cranky person. A few years ago, you would have been right. When it comes to packing, I was cranky, that’s the reason why have I come up whit this list. I no longer wanted such words to be connected with my vacation, and luckily they are not anymore.

So that was a quick summary of everything you can find on my list. Like I’ve said, I hope this packing checklist will help you save a lot of time and nerves 🙂

Below you can download my packing checklist!

Packing Checklist that will save you time and nerves
Packing Checklist That Will Save You Time and Nerves
Packing Checklist
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