Travel blogger on her way
to explore the world

Who am I?

Hi stranger!

I’m Maja, and I’m so excited that you decide to take a moment and stop by!
Let me tell you a story about me…
The story of my life is not so exciting, but I bet there are a lot of  people out there who wouldn’t dare to do what I did.
One day I was living in Croatia with my family and friends and another day completely alone in another country far away from home.
I wasn’t entirely sure if I can do something like that, but I did it anyway.
A lot of people ask me why I have moved from such a beautiful country.
To be completely honest, I’m still not sure why.

Certainly, one of the reasons was a better opportunity for professional development, but that can’t be the only reason.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never lived anywhere else before,or I needed a new thrill in my life…

I don’t know, I just knew that I must take this opportunity and make the best of it. I was thinking it can’t be that bad. And if it is, I knew that my family is waiting for me with open arms.
Currently, I’m living with my boyfriend in Germany. He came after me and I’m really grateful for that. He made this huge step less painful for me.

Why am I doing this

One of the reasons why I am writing this blog is the excitement that I felt when I moved to Germany. I’ve realized that exploring the world around me, meeting new people, and making new friends is not so scary as I thought. And believe me, I’m one of those shy people who will never start a conversation first.
I want to explore the world, I want to take every chance that life is giving me. I would like to show you all the beauty in the world and make planning your trip a little easier. So if you want to explore the world with me, stay tuned. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.